Friday, November 13, 2009

The Last Sha'men'

We met in an upscale loft in downtown LA, the Amazon Shaman veterans & the newbies. They were almost overly enthusiastic to a point which made us slightly more skeptical... We were there document (Steve & I), how hard could it be...?
It felt right and the group appeared to be a genuine group of interesting guys, so we took a leap of faith into the unknown to a place where they (the US Govt) say "you shouldn't go, if you're abducted, kidnapped or even attacked, we will NOT be coming to get you"!
Seven strangers thrown together in a hurried group, on one mutual quest, to seek out the wisdom & healing of an ancient holistic holy man, in a land over the Andes and up in the clouds, by the banks of the majestic Amazon we found "The Last Shaman"

stay tuned...

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